Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mod Times Quilt Finish

I followed along with Jessica at Twin Fibers in her Mod Times Quilt Along and here's my quilt.  I was using what I had on hand . . . a fun print from IKEA, some Kona White (although Snow probably would have been a better choice) and Kona Coal.

The back was pieced with another fun print from IKEA, Kona Coal, and the print from the front.

I quilted it with a wide-spaced spiral.  I started with a rather large circle and worked inwards first.  NOT a good idea.  I might have pulled it off if I had a walking foot, but it would have worked much better to work from the center outward.  To create the initial circle, I made a compass from a piece of yarn tied to a pencil.  I held the end of the yarn where I want the spiral to end (a hippo nose) and then drew a circle with the pencil stretched at the other end of the yarn.

Here's a close up.  I screwed the guide in at 1" and then just followed the circle inward.

When I was working on the outward leftover circles, I had to put my guide in upside down.  This actually worked well.  Following the guide out in front helped me turn the work a little ahead and actually kept it where it should be.

You should check out all the great color combinations that people came up with for this quilt along.  Thanks, Jessica, for great instructions and for teaching a new skill . . . inset seams!!!

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News from the Nest said...

So cool! I love the animals on the back. You're (as always) amazing!