Friday, November 9, 2012

Halfway Through the Hustle

There are only 50 days left in 2012 and I've been "Hustle"-ing to get projects done and clean my slate for the new year. 
Kelsey Sews

Here's my list from 50 days ago and my progress:
1. Finish quilting the HST quilt and get it bound. 
2. Whoooo Are You Mini.

3. Halloween Table Runner.
It's ugly, so no picture, but it did get done.
4. Thanksgiving Dresdens Tablerunner.
I have made progress on the quilting, but still in a state of un-done-ness.

5. Christmas Stars Quilt.
Progress! Top is assembled and quilting has commenced.

6. Vintage Christmas.
No Progress.

7. Christmas Advent Calendar.
No Progress.

8. Terrain Hexagon Quilt.
No Progress.

9. Lots of Bee Blocks: Not Your Granny's Bee, NuBees, and Polaroids . . . all need to be put to use.
No Progress.
I've shamefully added a few other projects, but at least I'm making some progress on this list here and there.  Here's to another 50 days of hustling.


tirane93 said...

your adorable owls made me giggle! you've sure gotten a lot of work on your list finished, congratulations!

Kelsey said...

You've made great progress! Love the Christmas Stars quilt :)

Alison said...

I love all of your projects!!! I agree that the owls are adorable. :)

kat129 said...

Great projects. I want to see a picture of the Halloween table runner - it cannot be that bad! I really like your Christmas stars quilt too.