Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catching Up

Last week, I finished this little exercise in free-motion quilting.

(again, this really is square in real life)

You might recall that I had a little trouble running out of thread right in the middle of the project.  I ended up hand stitching that last inch with the little bit of thread left on the spool.

The idea is from The Modern Quilt Workshop.  This is a great book!  It really is a "workshop" where you learn and practice new techniques.  I can't wait to try curved piecing next.

I've been distracted by a little crochet project.  My sister-in-law taught me how to crochet these nifty hot pads.  Now I just need a good chick flick and a cute quilt to snuggle under so I can finish these off.

I also spent some time this last week cleaning up and arranging a little work space for me in my dining room.  I do have a space to call my own, but it is in the basement, away from the kiddos.  I've discovered that (1) I like the light in the dining room and (2) I like being around the kids and (3) I get a lot more housework and sewing done when they are close to each other (wash some dishes, sew some blocks, load some laundry, sew some blocks).

I'd show you pictures, but right now my little space is buried under this project that I'm not really loving.  Oh well.  I must plow through and get it done.

And on a happy note: Joe discovered the ribbons on his little lovey yesterday.  He spent a good half-hour twisting that little brown ribbon right there.  Too cute.  I love watching babies discover new things.

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Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

So cute! I love the circles! You need to teach me how to do amazing quilting like you do! When I get a matress I want to make a fun light green quilt or duvet cover with brown leaves. I'll have to chat with you more about it later! You are amazing! :)