Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quilting the Scrappy Halloween Quilt

I've been having fun with the quilting on my Scrappy Halloween Quilt . . . but it is taking forever!
I quilted a grid in the ditch of the blocks and then diagonally to make some asteriks shapes.  I used these as a guide to free-motion quilt a spiralling spider web out from the center.  I was going to go across the whole top with just one web, but the farther out I got, the messier in got.  I ended up with 9 webs.
In the spaces in between, I decided to quilt little spiders and their trailing threads of web.  Here's a little video of stitching a spider I was able to upload to my flickr stream, but not here (boo hoo . . . I'm becoming more and more technically un-savvy in my old age.)
On a side note, here's my cute family . . . they were testing the light while we waited for the entire extended family to gather.  This won't go on any Christmas cards or anything, but that's my fam (with me wrestling the 2-year-old to keep his hands out of his mouth).

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