Friday, February 18, 2011

"One Line A Day" Cover

Have you seen this book around blog-land?

It is a fun little journal that allows you to write just a few lines each day.  However, there is space on each page for 5 consecutive years.

I finally procured a copy earlier this month.  As I tossed it in my diaper bag for a quick road trip last weekend, I became worried that it would be damaged.   So I created a cover to protect my little journal.

Here's a tutorial:

Begin with 2 pieces of fabric (one for the outside and one for the lining) that are 11" x 11.5".  This allows a generous size so you can stick a pen in there too.  Cut out a 3" square from both of the top corners.

Do this for both the outside and the lining.

Stitch the edge seam to create a tube.  On the lining, leave a 2-3" gap so you can turn it right side out when it's complete.

While it is folded in half, trim a little rounded curve from the flaps corners.  Trim the lining too.

Press open the seam, center the seam and then stitch across the bottom.

Pinch the bottom corners to create a triangle with the bottom seam centered down the triangle.  Stitch perpendicular to the seam about 3/4" from the point.  This will create the bottom of a "box".  Do this to both corners of both pieces.

Trim the corners down to 1/4".

Turn the lining right side out and slip it into the outside piece.  Pin and stitch all around the opening.  Don't worry.  Remember that we left an opening in the lining.

Clip the corners and notch the curves.

Pull out the lining.  It should look like the pictures below.

Through the gap in the lining, turn the whole thing right side out.  Tuck the lining down into the outside.

Press.  Top stitch.  You could also add a fastening of your choice (snap, button, hook & loop).

Slip your journal and a pen inside and enjoy!

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Lori R said...

Love it! I have seen that journal and keep meaning to get one. Please let us know how you like it. :) Love all your stuff, Sonia.