Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Quilting Adventure

I "restarted" quilting near the end of 2009, mainly due to the inspiration of some blogs I encountered . . . not even certain now how I came across them.  I do remember that some of the first were Crazy Mom Quilts and Red Pepper Quilts (still 2 of my favorites).  I need to post about my Christmas Quilt inspired by one on Red Pepper Quilts that I finally finished right before Christmas 2010.

2010 was a year of being pregnant and handling a newborn (Joe turned 3 months on Christmas Day) so the year was spent being tired, unmotivated, and, well, tired.  I started many projects, but would run out of energy to finish them before another idea was worming its way onto fabric.  During this year, I've found much inspiration and learned so much from blogs.  And then I found myself composing blog posts in my mind . . . I even took pictures "just in case".

So, here I am on January 6th.  I started this week, this new year, by trying to complete ONE thing each day.  That doesn't mean I'm completing a quilt each day, but I wake up with a tiny goal in mind in an attempt to get through my ever-increasing, guilt-laden pile of Works-In-Progress.  I'm going to try to back date this post and post as though I had posted each day this week and then maybe try to make a run at this blogging/quilting adventure.

So here it goes . . . this is where you can see how "Sonia Quilts".

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