Monday, January 17, 2011

The "One Thing" Challenge

Last night, I was in "think-about-everything-you-have-to-do" panic mode.  The best therapy: write it all down.  This side is just my unfinished quilting projects.  The other side has everything else ;)

See what it says? "Cathartic or panic-inducing?"  I'm embarrassed to say that there's nearly 20 projects on there.  Some are so close to being done . . . like an hour of quilting or even just the binding . . . and others are still in just the "I purchased fabric for this idea" stage.

I woke up this morning to find Amy's (of Amy's Creative Side) One Thing, One Week Challenge.  Just what I needed . . . a chance to focus on just one thing.

Amy's Creative Side

So, here's my goal for the week.  I'm going to finish quilting this quilt.  It may look familiar.  It was the "test run" for Joe's quilt.  Or maybe it was just so fun to make that I needed to make one that would match one of my family members.

Besides, I need the pins so I can finish Joe's quilt.

What's your one thing?

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Annie Crow said...

My one thing for this week (what's left of it) is to cut all the pieces for my quilt, now that I've decided on the design. I'll worry about placement next week.