Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Red & Aqua Experiment and a Bonus Finish

This was another quilt that stalled because of a mistake I was worried about making.  I hadn't even made the mistake yet and I put the quilt away!!!  I had gone so far as to quilt the middle with a stipple and was working on quilting the border with some closely-spaced straight lines.  I was 3/4ths of the way through the border when I began to worry about how the lines would match up when I got all the way around.

So today I finished the quilting, bound it, and got it nice and crinkly in the wash.

And guess what . . . the quilting lines worked out just fine.

As a bonus for today, I turned this pile of fabric . . .

into this pile of pieces and then . . .

into this pile of strips.

My goal for tomorrow: turn that pile of strips into blocks. 

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Annie Crow said...

My lord, how are you managing to do so much in a day with a newborn? (And other children, from what I gather.) Or does he sleep beautifully, contently, somewhere other than your arms? (I was not so lucky.)