Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Christmas Beginning

There's a million other things I need to finish first, but this pattern arrived in the mail today. I have about half of a fat quarter bundle of Sweetwater's Countdown to Christmas line left over from another yet-to-be finished quilt, but I'm excited to know what I'll use it for. 

I'm going to be really good and finish 3 other quilts before I start this one: a string-x quilt that is just about bound, my I spy quilt that is ready for quilting, and my hst/value quilt that is also ready for quilting. There's a large pile of other WIPs, but this will be good motivation to get those 3 done.
I'm linking up to Diane's linky party at from blank pages.

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Diane {from blank pages...} said...

What a really cute pattern! It will look fantastic in those prints! Way to have self control and finishing up other projects first though. I definitely need to work on that trait a little bit. ;) thanks so much for linking up!