Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Joining The 100 Day Hustle

I definitely need some motivation to shrink my WIP pile and saw this fun link-up.

Kelsey Sews

Essentially, there are 100 days from the first day of fall (Sept. 22) until the end of the year.  The goal is to "clean the slate" for the beginning of the new year.  Here's my extensive list of WIPs that I would like to be finish so I can feel the freedom to create in 2013.

1. Finish quilting the HST quilt (and come up with a better name *wink*) and get it bound.

2. Whoooo Are You Mini.  I broke my resolve and started something new before the above quilt was done.  Now it is another WIP (hang my head in shame).

3. Halloween Table Runner.  I just need to get this one bound.

4. Thanksgiving Dresdens.  This might be a 2-year WIP.  I'd love to finish it so I feel free to use the left overs for other fun designs.

5. Christmas Stars Quilt.  This one is buried . . . deep.  I think the blocks are close to being finished.  I'd love to cuddle under it by December.

6. Vintage Christmas.  This is such an adorable and simple pattern.  I'd love to have this one done for Christmas too.

7. Christmas Advent Calendar.  I have a tree pieced and all the ornaments done; I just need to design what goes around the tree and get 'er done.

8. Terrain Hexagon Quilt.  I don't know if my resolve is strong enough to get this one done soon, but I'll add it to the list . . . maybe that will be good motivation.

9. Lots of Bee Blocks: Not Your Granny's Bee, NuBees, and Polaroids . . . all need to be put to use.

There're others rattling in my brain, but perhaps if I get this list finished, I can get started on those in the new year.  I have an idea for a quilt made of lots and lots of pieced trees and another made of words, but I must, must, must reduce this WIP pile first.  Here's to a productive 100 last days of 2012. 


Kelsey said...

Your HST Quilt is STUNNING!! Thanks for joining in :)

Lyanna L. said...

i think that the vintage xmas quilt pattern will be awesome!! Can't wait to see it

Caryn said...

I always love every single thing you make. At some point we must do a scrap swap! I'm not sure of I've ever come across someone whose fabric choices I like every single time. I missed the deadline for the hundred day hustle, but used the concept to launch a blog. This is the prat time I really sat down and considered everything I had started. It looks a bit crazy, but I went ahead and listed everything. At least now I have it all in one place. Anyway, here's the link.... Caryncarson.wordpress,com
It's the second post on the page.

Caryn said...

Also, did you see Grace and Favour's newest blog post. The first picture is A variety of 6" pieced hexies and it's made out of Terrain. It is to die for gorgeous. I hope the creator of the pattern decided to sell it, because I desperately want to make one!